Coron-Day One (Part 2): Mount Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Spring

We were rejuvenated after an hour of rest from roaming around and buying souvenirs and food in Coron town. The sea view from the window of Birang Guest House to where we will stay for four days was so delightfully refreshing. By 4:00 pm, we were fetched by our tricycle service referred by Ate Viring, the owner of the guest house. This is our first day in our dream destination and our initial activities are: to climb the iconic Mt. Tapyas and to swim in Maquinit Hot Spring.

The spectacular view of Calamianes Group of Island as seen from the top

The spectacular view of Calamianes Group of Island as seen from the top

Before we turn right to Tapyas Road, we saw a foreign couple with big bag packs heading to where we are going. I was wondering, will they climb Mt. Tapyas too? From Tapyas Road we passed by San Agustin Street and up to Malvar Street. We parked near the elevated basketball court. Our driver showed us the start of the trail. It was the initial flight of steps near the court.  I took a deep breath to prepare myself for the climb.

The View

The breathtaking view from the top of Mt. Tapyas

Mt. Tapyas

Going up was safe and easy because the steps were concrete and there were handrails. There were also flat landings and concrete benches for a breather. But my hubby, Marie, and I have no regular body workout so going up was tiring. Froi is an active mountaineer so this was an ordinary trek for him. As we were nearing the summit, I stopped a while to admire the view. Whew! Coron is simply stunning!

Getting sweat

We were sweating hard as we took the flight of steps going to the top

It took us almost half an hour to reach the peak. The giant steel Cross warmly welcomed our arrival.  It was then that I realized, the climb wore me out.  I was sweating hard. There we saw the foreign couple walking near us. So I was right, they were heading to Mt. Tapyas too. They looked happy and still on top of their energies despite the heavy bag packs in their backs and the climb they did.

I counted it... 721 steps

I counted it… 721 steps

At last, the rewarding part had come. Our eyes were feasting the spectacular view of the Calamianes group of islands. It was so awesome. I enjoyed taking photos of those islands and the surrounding town of Coron.

My hubby and I while taking rest after the minor climb

My hubby and I while taking rest after the minor climb

We walked in front of the Cross and on the cemented view deck, looking at the views from side to side. Then we sat on benches for a water break.

The giant steel cross on the viewing deck

The giant steel cross on the viewing deck

We waited for the sunset. Unfortunately, thick clouds obscured our supposedly “candid moment” pictures. It was frustrating for I never had that glorious photo in my cam. Anyway, I still captured a nice picture of a sunset.

The dramatic sunset

Nearing sunset

Going down was easy. I counted the steps and upon reaching the last, I told them, “It’s 721.” My first mountain trek experience was so wonderful. Though it wasn’t that adventurous like a real climb, still it delighted me for I was able to see one of Coron’s amazing places to visit.

No entrance fee.

Maquinit Hot Spring

It was already dark when we reached Maquinit Hot Spring (25 minutes travel time coming from Mt. Tapyas) through a bumpy and dusty road. Marie was left in the sitting area because she can’t swim because of her monthly period. My hubby and Froi hastily immersed in the hot water at 40 degrees Celsius. Because it was hot, I slowly submerged in the water then I slowly swim.  What was so unusual for a hot spring like this is that the water was salty.

Though we missed out on taking pictures of this hot spring in broad daylight, the unusual experience was again rewarding. It’s good that we ended up our day in this therapeutic saltwater. Not only that the water soothed our tired muscles from our previous activity but seeing lots of foreigners in the area made me proud. I hope they are enjoying every minute of their vacation in Coron.

The pool

The small pool of Maguinit Hot Spring

Entrance Fee:  P200/head

For our dinner, we bought food along the road near the guest house. Ate Viring allowed us to eat at the dining area on the second floor. We were so thankful to her for providing us plates and utensils. After our dinner, we went down to the porch for some social activity. The sea breeze was cool and the water was so calm. The evening sky was blanketed by shining stars.


Ang model ng Gatorade! Haha!


Yours truly at the jump off point

Yours truly at the jump off point

Indeed, it was a wonderful night for complete relaxation, a respite from a busy, noisy life in Manila. But my eyes were drooping and so with Marie. With the boy’s permission, off we went to our room.


We didn’t use our mosquito repellent for there are no pesky mosquitoes in the guest house. I was so excited for our Coron loop the next morning. I was deadly tired that night. Sleeping was very easy for me.

Our first night in Coron

Our first night in Coron

The beautiful sea view in front of Virang Guest House

The beautiful sea view in front of Birang Guest House

Good night my beautiful and peaceful Coron.

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