Mayon Skyline View Deck – Summer Escapade 2014

Mayon Skyline View Deck formerly known as Mayon Resthouse nestled halfway of Mayon Volcano.  This is one of the prime tourist attractions in Albay. A must-visit place because of the cool breeze, the breath-taking view and the wonderful experience of getting up close to Mayon Volcano, the world’s most perfectly-formed volcano.


the amazing Mayon Volcano up close and personal

Five hours of non-stop water fun at Dhio Endheka Natural Spring didn’t wear out the kids.  Our older buddies wanted to go home and rest, but majority still wanted to proceed to Mayon Skyline View Deck for our final retreat.


the gazebo in the middle of lush surrounding

Coming from the resort at Crossing Buang, we snaked our way upwards in a 16-minute travel time.  It was nearing 5 pm but the sun was hovering cheerfully up in the sky.  Cool breeze greeted us upon stepping into the view deck.

This is my fifth visit here.  I was in an unpaid job of being a tour guide in my previous visits here with friends, my sister and her family and our relatives.hehehe. It felt so great to be here again and this time I’m with my brother Choy, his family and our relatives.

There was nothing new this time. But going back again and again is always as good as the first time because everyone was having a great time. Lyn was so happy and the rest of my buddies looking at the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, the surrounding towns, towering Mt. Masaraga and Mt. Malinao. 


the view, the breeze, the serenity

And we were so lucky seeing an unobstructed view of Mayon Volcano.  She was full of charm at that very moment. Amazingly beautiful. Indeed, it was a feast for the eyes and so we had happy moments taking pictures.

Pao had lots of snapshots and so with Choy, Lyn and Isha.


still had that breezy feel though sun was all out that afternoon

We went down at the terraced park with several gazebos and children’s playground. When we went back at the view deck, there came my favorite silhouette of summer, the magnificent rays of the sun were streaming dramatically to the park.

We had an invigorating stay savoring the serenity, the sunshine glory and the cool temperature. Choy wanted to stay more because it got cooler and cooler.  But it was getting dark so we opted to go down before the night falls.

Then and again, I would not get tired being a tour guide accompanying “first-time” visitors in our hometown. It was a fulfillment for me seeing their happy faces and wishing to go back and stay longer.

During Holy Week, the skyline is packed by people not only those with private vehicles but most of the visitors trek uphill as an observance to Lenten Season.


  1. No entrance fee.
  2. Mayon Planetarium is open for the visitors for P10 entrance fee.
  3. Zipline and wall climbing facilities are not operational.
  4. Bring lots of water if you are planning to trek uphill.
  5. Comfort room – P6


There is no public transport going up the skyline.  You may bring your car or hire a jeepney or van in getting there.  But if you are the adventurous type, you can hike coming from the turnout point in Barangay Buang.

From Tabaco City, there are jeepneys bound for Ligao City.  Just tell the driver to drop you to Mayon entrance in Barangay Buang and you can start hiking. Estimated time is three hours.

2 thoughts on “Mayon Skyline View Deck – Summer Escapade 2014

  1. Really amazing God’s gift to us:) Mayon Volcano is a natural beauty that our eyes should enjoy watching and feel the fresh air while up there. Thank you, Leng Castillo for sharing your joy with us by uploading beautiful photos through your blog.

    • Hi Tita Nor,
      Thank you for visiting my blog and for appreciating God’s wonderful creations. Enjoy reading!

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