Day 3: Las Vegas Tour-Garden Court Buffet in Main Street Station

Our three-day vacation in Las Vegas is not enough to explore its fabulous charm especially the famous Las Vegas Strip. However, this year-round destination and the people I share the experience with will make our last day extra special. Our generous sponsors for this vacation, Miko and Derick are certified foodies. They will bring us to the award-winning buffet in Garden Court in Main Street Station located in Downtown Las Vegas.

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Our Exciting Travel Moments In Las Vegas (Day 2)

It was hard to wake up early in a cold and freezing morning, snuggling against the warmth of our bed. However, today is the start of our exciting tour in Las Vegas, so we have to eat breakfast, take a shower, and get dressed for the long day ahead. My niece Miko and husband Derick who sponsored our trip will bring us to famous hotels and casinos and we will revel in a unique dining experience. We are thrilled to explore and see the charm and elegance of the famous Las Vegas.

never ever leave Las Vegas without a selfie shot in this iconic symbol

never ever leave the City of Lights  without a selfie shot in this iconic symbol of Las Vegas

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