Bulawan Floating Restaurant at Pililla, Rizal

When you travel going to Pililla in the province of Rizal you will be mesmerized by the countryside charm. I thanked my husband for bringing us to a place closer to Manila that offers a unique kind of serenity. Before we head off to Wind Farm as our side trip in our wedding anniversary celebration in Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, we will pop up our lunch in Bulawan Floating Restaurant for another unique dining experience.


the main restaurant is not floating but was built on a pond

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Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal: Refreshed and Satisfied

We had come to know Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center in Tanay, Rizal while watching GMA-7′s morning show Unang Hirit. What caught our fancy were the big Infinity Pool and their thrilling outdoor activities. For our twentieth anniversary, my hubby surprised me a weekend getaway in this famous resort. Together with our kids and my mother, we will drive a two-hour trip in getting to the province of Rizal.

infinity pool 2

the Infinity Pool, the main attraction in Bakasyunan Resort

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Daranak Falls – Into A Refreshing Dip

It was a gloomy week-end when we visited my in-laws in Binangonan, Rizal. We were expecting for a rain fall but it didn’t happen. We indulged ourselves eating ice cream for a cool treat. Still can’t resist the heat, in a snap, my hubby suddenly decided to go to Daranak Falls in Tanay for a swim. To my delight, everyone agreed (at last my longing to get there will finally happen any minute from now!) hehehe.


the refreshing dip at Daranak Falls

Riding in our van, from Binangonan, we passed towns of Cardona and Morong with peaceful scenic views of rice-fields, farms, forests and trees. My hubby had gone twice in this place; the last was twelve years ago but he was really good in road directions for he still remember how to get there. We reached Barangay Sampaloc in an hour. We paid P20 for the parking fee.

kids lolo

the kids

I’ve discovered that the falls was so accessible coming from parking area. Good for the oldies (grandma and grandpa) for there’s no need to take a hike. After paying the entrance fee (adult – P20, children – P15) we crossed a river through a wooden bridge. There were picnic huts (P100), cottages, comfort rooms and big colorful garbage bins. My in-laws didn’t swim. They were left in the picnic table. And WE, were all excited to see the Falls.


kuya pao loves to swim

Daranak Falls had a wide cascade with natural vegetation covering the mountains. Its tranquility can heal one’s weary mind. It wasn’t surprising if this is a favorite shooting location of local movies, tv programs and commercial ads. The water from the catch basin was deep as evident to its greenish color. There was a rope which served as a boundary for the “not to swim” area. Pao and his cousins hurriedly submerged themselves into the water. Shen didn’t join them for she was afraid to swim. But she enjoyed watching them as they frolicked in the cold water.


our little cute baby girl with the falls as backdrop

It’s recommended to bring food and water for there is no store inside. There were vendors selling varieties of foods like, crackers, ice drop and mineral water. There was another waterfalls, Batlag Falls situated near the top of the hills, just a few walk from Daranak Falls (entrance fee of P50). No time going up because the kids didn’t want to get out from the water anymore. Though I didn’t swim, I enjoyed watching what nature offers to an enthusiast adventurer like me.


nice wooden bridge going to the falls

It was a warm afternoon but the scenic view invigorated me. I was amused not to see any garbage in the area. This is a good sign that caretakers were doing their job very well. I hope they will maintain this cleanliness not only now but for the years to come. We packed up at 5 p.m. (as it was the closing time). The next time we will go back, we will make it much earlier so everybody will enjoy much. Pao had a good time as I saw from his smile.


going to Batlag Falls

RATES: Entrance Fee – Kids – P15 / Adult – P20 Parking Fee – P20 Picnic Hut – P100 TaggedDaranak Falls • outdoor • Rizal • Tanay