Sky Ranch, Tagaytay City: Into Rides and Fun

Sky Fun in Tagaytay City which was opened on March 2013 is the amusement park inside the Sky Ranch complex. It is one of the emerging projects of SM Land. The first time I heard about Sky Fun there were only few rides to enjoy inside, but now it is twelve plus the Jump N PlayZipline and Horseback riding.

Instead of soaking on clear blue waters and basking in the sun this Lenten Season, we veered ourselves into fun ride in Sky Ranch. Good-bye momentarily to wet and wild adventure.


the Riding Loop and the Sky Eye at night

It was Black Saturday. We anticipated the amusement park is not crowded because people tend to swim rather than ride. But to our surprise, parking lot inside the Sky Ranch was already full when we arrived. Its good that there was an open parking area adjacent to the park which we paid for P50.  It was getting dark and we were excited seeing the Sky Eye illuminating from afar.

We passed by the Riding Loop, a horseback riding arena and started taking pictures. Minutes later, we paid for the entrance fee. It was posted at the cashier booth that starting April 1, 2014, new admission fee for Weekdays is P50 and on Weekends and Holidays is P80.


the list of rides

Super Viking and Sky Eye had the longest queue.  Pao was so insistent to ride in Super Viking but I don’t have the guts anymore to try this heart-stopping ride and so my hubby. Gone were the days when we were young and so brave that we dared all including the extremes.hehehe!

But I can dare the park’s 300-meter long zipline adventure. Fortunately, no one was willing to fly high with me.  So we just ended up queuing for the Sky Eye in ticketing booth near the Wonder Flight.  My momsie did not ride; she just sat in one corner with our cute little dog, Vienna. It’s good that pet is allowed inside provided it is wearing a diaper.

The Sky Eye is the main attraction which is well-lighted at night. It is considered the highest Ferris Wheel in the country at 63 meters (207 feet) with 32 air-conditioned gondolas. It surpassed Giant Star Wheel of Star City at 60 meters (197 feet) and the MOA Eye at 55 meters (180 feet).


the Sky Eye at night

We waited for few minutes queuing for our turn and presto, we were inside the gondola. The space was just enough for the four of us. The air-con was located below the gondola. There was a small speaker above our heads playing mellow music. Comparing to MOA Eye, its gondola was bigger than this that five to six persons could fit in.


signage along the main highway

But considering Sky Eye was higher than MOA Eye, it was not scary peering below even we were on top. We enjoyed watching the lighted rides and the city lights of Tagaytay. One loop ended in ten minutes.

Is it worth paying P150 for this ride? Don’t mind the monetary figure, the experience circling around and laughing with your family or friends will definitely worth it.

Next ride is the kiddie roller coaster, Nessie Coaster. It resembled the Dragon Express, in Star City. This is for our little Shen to enjoy. For the first loop, we were all shouting with fun. But the sudden speed swirling back to the base gave my head a giddy sensation. Surprisingly, I was back to normal condition for the second speedy movement. Funny, I guess this has something to do now with my age.hahaha!


enjoying the Kiddie Ride

We walked around and headed to The Venue which is the function area that can hosts different events like expo, parties, conference and other activities. In front of this area were the big signage SKY RANCH packed by people who were busy on picture taking. We waited for some letters vacated and had our snapshots.

We took a break and ate siomai at Master Siomai. Other food stalls were Potato Express, Swigs, Buko Twix, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, Happy Waffle, Kettle Korn and Bibingkinitan. There were gazebos in this area which could be rented on per hour basis.

After a while, we headed to Sky Cruiser (P100) where my hubby and Pao pedaled a vehicle above several feet high. While they were enjoying the ride, Shen and I were entertained watching the battle between the riders holding snail guns, spinning and getting wet from the frog lord that spits water in Snail Attack.


the biking experience above several feet high

It was 9 pm and everyone is craving for something heavy to eat. There were several restaurants to choose from like Kenny Rogers, KFC, Tokyo Tokyo, Downtown Pasta Pizza, Leslie and Red Engine.  The boys preferred Tokyo Tokyo and so we settled for dinner.

For those who love to have a good photo souvenir there is the Bio Photoshop booth for P250. There is also the souvenir booth with variety of collection items like t-shirt, led fan, mug and a lot more.


choose your souvenirs

Truly, Sky Ranch is a nice getaway for family or group of friends who want to experience exciting rides and fun-filled activities.

Location:  Near Taal Vista Hotel along Aguinaldo Highway
Contact Number: (02) 8570100 local 1450


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