My first time at Charaptor Charcoal Barbeque Bar

Audit season had ended, and so to us Finance folks, this is the time to unwind, chill and relax. Time to whisk off the pressure and stress we had for the past few months.

happy together

We’re not the finicky type of office people, as long as we are all together in one long table (at libre hahaha!) we will surely get in. And now, we will glut our appetites at Charaptor Charcoal Barbecue Bar, the Barbecue-All-U-Can restaurant situated at Kamagong Street corner Aranga Street, San Antonio Village, Makati CIty.

I’m not a foodie, in fact I’m on a diet. But dining in a resto which I haven’t been into, always hypes up the adrenaline in me.

food selection

food selection

And so we arrived by 7 pm.  We were greeted by several rows of tables and chairs which would accommodate four to five people. There were exhaust tubes hanging on the table.That’s outside the resto and it was almost full. Luckily, there were two tables left and so there’s no long-waiting.  The waiter gave us extra chairs. The thirteen of us to be exact, squeezed ourselves into the tables.  Later the waiter prepared the charcoal for our grilling activity.

choose your sauce

choose your sauce

Time now to attack inside!

The resto is not air-conditioned. They have ceiling fans which I guess not enough to drive away the heat with everyone grilling around. I could almost hear the grumbling sound of my tummy as we approached the food section. They have plenty of options, that I can’t decide what to get first. They have fresh sea foods, street foods, juicy meats, plain rice, young chow rice, french fries and even chicharong bulaklak. They also have soups.

grilling of food is remarkably easy and fun

grilling of food is remarkably easy and fun

They have unlimited drinks like orange, pineapple, blue lemonade (my favorite), distilled water, red tea and ice tea. And to fill your meaty delight, they have wide selection of dipping sauces like Chili Raptor, Lemon Mint, Sweet Spicy and many more.

clean grill and the exhaust tube

clean grill and the exhaust tube

Because I was so hungry, I added half cup of young chow rice to my first batch of plate with a glass of pineapple juice. When I went back to our table, I was so excited as we indulged ourselves grilling the foods in front of our eyes. To make it more tastier, we brushed the foods with the variations of two sauces already prepared on the table. Thanks to the exhaust tube for sucking out the smoke away from us.

my first batch

my first batch

It maybe so hot and will really consume time before gorging yourselves with these foods. But nonetheless, it was fun and doing this session was remarkably easy. I felt my culinary skills went to a higher level hahaha!

Foods were juicy and perfectly marinated. I should not add rice to my plate for it lessen my cravings to eat more. Anyway, I took a moment of rest (inhale and exhale) before I did my second attack. It was like a child delight filling my plate with more food without minding if I could eat it all or not hahaha! This time, I had my favorite blue lemonade. And the happy moment is of course, grilling session was again done.


my second plate

This scrumptious meal really filled my tummy to the brim.  Woohhh!  This resto is indeed for people with big appetite for grilled foods.

I was surprised that our barbecue buffet costs P390/head only. So affordable. I’ve learned from the staff that they have another branch at SM MOA which is above the rate here in Makati and is air-conditioned.

Hmmmm… gotta try that too in the future.


  • Desserts and beers are not included in the eat-all-you can charge.
  • Prepare yourself to feel hot because the grill is so near to you.
  • If you want to eat every food you see, do not eat rice.

Rate and Schedule:

  • Lunch – Tuesday to Sunday – 10AM to 2PM – P390
  • Dinner – Monday to Thursday – 6PM to 11PM – P490
  • Dinner – Friday to Sunday – 5PM to 12MN – P590

 Contact Information:

Address:  9752 Kamagong corner Aranga Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City.       Telephone number:  (02) 542 3425

Other Branch:  SM By the Bay, SM MOA – P690 – Dinner

In Getting There:

Kamagong Street is one-way. I suggest you take Chino Roces Avenue then enter at Pablo Ocampo Sr. extension then turn left at Sampaloc Street. You could find it easily because there’s a big signage of Charaptor.  I hope this helps.



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