Davao Series-Day Three: Hagimit Falls

Our two-day stay in Red Parrot Inn in Kaputian Beach was indeed one of our best beach getaways ever.  My family especially our kids still wanted to stay but we have to move on for another refreshing treat. Yes another nature tripping to Hagimit Falls which is located in Poblacion Peñaplata, still in the Island Garden City of Samal. We were so thankful to Barney and his family for making our Davao vacation so fulfilling.

From Kaputian, it took us almost thirty minutes reaching the parking space of Hagimit Falls. Barney paid the entrance fee. There were two trails in descending to the waterfalls. My family took the flight of concrete steps while the others took the rocky and slippery trail.


my son and our buddies were enjoying in the icy cold water

Adrenalin rush hit me in upon hearing the sound of the cascading water. And I got more excited seeing a lush vegetation and lots of trees mostly hagimit trees (ficus minahassae) which the waterfalls got its name. There were safety handrails on the first few steps only. Pao my adventurous son skipped the concrete steps. He hit the ground fast by trekking an open down hill. I was about to try it also, but I did not dare because it was so steep.

We took one cottage, left our bags and explored.


The area had a relaxing atmosphere. The sun didn’t bother us much because of natural shades provided by the verdant canopy of trees. There were several small waterfalls streaming into the aqua blue pools of various sizes.


My hubby and Shen didn’t swim. They stayed in the cottage watching Pao, Froi, Barney and Dwight as they frolicked on the largest pool, which according to them was very cold.

I did not swim too. I was so excited to explore more to see all the waterfalls which I captured candid shots. I was hooked to stay in one area where boys were jumping with joy into the water.  I saw a warning board that says, “Diving is not allowed.”  But hey, there were many of them disobeying the rule.hahaha! Pinoy nga naman. It was so tempting to join them as they shouted with so much fun. But I’m scared to try it.  How I wish I could.


Davao is really safe, we left our bags in our cottage with no one on guard, nothing was stolen

As I walked around, I’ve seen more cute small open cottages for day tour and there were also closed cottages for overnight stay. After a satisfying encounter with nature, I went back to our cottage. We bought soft drinks in a small sari sari store and had a little conversation with a local.


dare to walk?

There are two exciting activities inside this tropical paradise, the zipline (P50) and the canopy walk (P200). We enjoyed watching a teen-age girl having a good time riding on the zipline, she did it not only twice but four times.  I was wondering if she stop when we left the resort.

Davao had amazing natural wonders and I was so happy that I saw how beautiful this place was.

Hagimit Falls with its affordable entrance fee is perfect for family outing, barkada getaway and  for the souls who loves to embrace nature’s finest gifts.

Entrance Fee:

P20 – 2 to 7 years old

P40 – 8 years old and above

Cottages – P150 to P500

 Other activities:

Zipline – P50

Canopy Walk – P200

How to get there:

From Davao City, take a ferry boat ride from Sasa Wharf. P10 per passenger. From Bakak Wharf, the disembarkation point, take a bus ride bound to Penaplata and tell the driver to drop you to the nearest point of entry.  Take a habal-habal ride in going to the main entrance.



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