Birthday Fun at Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Water Resort, Indang, Cavite

Did you know that aside from swimming pools, beaches, clean rivers and leisure resorts Cavite has also natural spring resorts?

rio de

the main pool

It was my office mate Mike, a resident of Bacoor, Cavite mentioned about a mineral water resort in Indang. I was hardly convinced about his story knowing that Laguna is the only region near Manila that has natural spring. 

When we asked our little girl Shen Shen what she wants for her 8th birthday, she answered with full of excitement, “Swimming po!” It was raining hard the night before her birthday so we dropped our plan of going to Matabungkay Beach Resort in Batangas. It was then I remembered the natural spring in Indang, Cavite mentioned by Mike and asked my buddies if they want to try it.


The entrance to the resort

Everyone agreed. We immediately browsed the location in the internet and chose the most popular Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Spring Resort in Barangay Tambo Kulit in Indang Cavite. We enjoined Shen’s cousins, Ax and Magnus her swimming buddies to have fun with us.

This is the day! 

Coming from Pasay City we passed by at Cavitex and went ahead to the towns of Kawit, General Trias, Tanza, Naic, Trece Martires and finally to Indang.  My hubby was a keen road finder, the navigator in his cellphone and asking people along the way had lessened travel time. It was a three-hour drive to the resort. Whew!


the celebrant, her Kuya Pao, Ax and Magnus… so excited!

Carrying our foods, water container and bags, we went down through several steps to the main resort.  We paid our entrance fee: P140 for the adult and P80 for the kids and  P300 for the cottage.

It was so invigorating getting inside for the resort had lush surrounding. We chose the table overlooking the main pool. The kids hastily headed to the kiddie pool excitedly with my hubby and Pao as tight watchers. I was left with my mother to fix up our stuff.

After everything was settled, it’s time to explore the whole resort. While walking, I saw a lady caretaker and was told that there are 11 pools around, 5 adult pools and 6 children’s pools. I was surprised when she told me that only four swimming pools flow the natural mineral water and the rest comes from a clean river. I thought it all comes from a natural spring.  Anyway, all of which are continuous flowing.


these pools flow the water coming from river

The caretaker was so kind for allowing me to see the fan room.  It has two double beds and private bath room. The air-conditioned room was a bit far so I didn’t bother her to see what’s inside for she will attend to her task. I thanked her graciously and continue walking.

I was so curious to see the river which is the source of water in several pools. I braved walking alone passing several open cottages, grilling sections, washing area and pavilions.  Shower rooms have abundant flow of natural spring water.


the cute kiddie pool

I kept on walking, passed by a small bridge, went down until finally I saw the river, the source of water to several pools. It had floating leaves and other wastes coming from trees, but nonetheless the water was clean. I went back and stepped into the side of the first pool with knee-deep level of water. Since it comes from  a river, it wasn’t that cold compared to a natural spring.  This area has four pools where the water flows down into the creek.

I went down to several steps and passed by the cutie round kiddie pool then to the five-feet main pool with two adjoining pools, the adult and children’s pool. This is where the natural spring water flows abundantly. I tapped my hand to the clean water, it was so cold! Yay! The adjoining adult pool had greenish color and looked a bit dirty.  No one was here. People flocked on the main pool.  Again the water was continuous flowing.  At the foot of this area is another kiddie pool with small slide.


the main pool with cold and refreshing spring water

The last adjoining pool has a big and a long slide, one is for the adult and the other is for the kids.  The water wasn’t that cold so I assumed it comes from a river also.

I enjoyed my quiet walk. Later there was a downpour. We settled for a hearty lunch and took few minutes of rest. When the rained stopped, we headed to the pool with the slide. My mother did not swim for she can’t stand the cold weather. She preferred to stay in the cottage. 

I was amused seeing the improvement of our little buddies in the water. Even without floaters, they jumped to the water with full energy. Not only that, they can brave a long slide racing down into 5 feet level deep. My hubby was always ready to support them whenever they hit the water.

There are animal cages near this area. Children had fun playing with the two monkeys and two turtles.

We went back to the main pool.  All my buddies immersed to the water right away. I tapped my feet on the water and quivered. The water was so cold.  I was hesitant to swim but my hubby kept on splashing water at me. My naughty son pushed me to the pool. It’s time now to swim,hahaha!


the pool with big and long slide

It was so refreshing and I just love to swim underwater for there was no stinky smell of chlorine. This is one good thing here, you can stay longer under the water for it will not irritate your eyes.  It was so clear and clean, there’s no need to wear goggles.

I had a lot of time immersing underwater.  And as I float on my back, it relaxes my whole body system while gazing up at the trees with thick foliage of leaves.  It was a soothing and a stress-free day and I just love to swim, swim and swim!

Soon the kids finally retreated. Their lips were colored violet and they were all trembling. It was time to stop and so everyone rinsed and later we packed up.

Rate at 640

the rate

It was a rainy July but there were lots of people in the resort. What more if it is summer? It’s not surprising if this is packed by people who tend to frolic on fresh water rather than on a swimming pool with chlorine.

With nature abound and refreshing water, overall, we had fun!



1) A small store is located near the entrance which sells basic goodies like crackers, biscuits, souvenir items, arm floaters, soft drinks and coffees.  They have a vendo machine for coffee break and a e-loading machine.

2) The resort has no canteen, so its best to bring your food, anyway there is no corkage charge for it. 

3)  Their cottages have electric outlet, so you can charge your gadgets with no extra fees.

In Getting There:

1) Through Public Transportation – Take a bus ride going to Indang, Cavite at Coastal Mall in NAIA Road with fare around P70 (Baes, Ferdinand Liner).  Tell the driver to drop you to jeepney terminal at Indang town then take a jeepney ride with signboard Alfonzo.  You will never get lost because the resort is beside the main road on the left side and with a big signage-fare-P11.


Address:  Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Water Resort, Tambo Kulit, Indang, Cavite

Telephone Number:  046-4150034

Entrance Fee:  For day tour – P130 – adults, P70 – kids

For overnight stay – P140 – adults, P80 – kids






155 thoughts on “Birthday Fun at Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Water Resort, Indang, Cavite

  1. Papareserved po ng room ung rooms 1to 4 ung tag 800 by march 22 morning… Pero ask ko lng po anu po ung H1 & H2? Kubo lng po ba un?

      • Hi Lhai Soriano,
        Sorry pero wala pong cellphone number na binibigay ang resort, try their landline instead, please read my post nandun po ang contact number… thanks for visiting my site.

  2. gud pm! nag post me kanina, pero nawala! Ask ko sna kung may availble room pa kau good for 6 person tomorow til Sunday? nid ko ur reply asap, thanks

    • HI Annali Aman,
      PLease call po the resort for the availability of the room – 046-4150034… thanks for visiting my site.

  3. Hi how much po ung rate ng room good for 2 person?wala po ba kayo pics ng mga rooms?may airconditioned room po ba dun?

    • Hi Jennilyn Rodriguez,
      Please call na lang po the resort’s contact number – 046-4150034. Thanks for visiting my site.

    • Hi Emelita Manio,
      Please call na lang po the resort to be sure na maka-avail kayo ng room, see my post po andun ang contact number. Thanks for visiting my site.

    • Hi Luisito G. Masiglat,
      Hope you can get a room for two tonight. Have fun. thank you for visiting my site.

  4. Gusto nila yung reservation sasadyain pa kung me balak kayo pumunta e kung paano kung galing pa Manila? Wala rin naman palang gamit yung phone number nila for reservation. At kung pumunta kahit apat na oras byahe kailangan mag down bago makareseve sabi ng certain Ejay or Jay. Sinasabi nyang company policy daw yun at pasensya na daw ako.

    • Hi jhay em carolino,

      please read my post andun po ang contact number. thanks for visiting my site.

  5. Gudam. Ask ko lng po may available rum po ba kayo na good for 3pax ., 2 adult and 1 kid. Stayed po for 2 nights. May balak na po kming bumiyahe mamaya for looking a good resort to be stayed po. How much again,??? Pls reply. Thank you

    • Hi Janice Amora,
      Please read my post andun po ang contact number and rates ng mga rooms and cottages. Thanks for visiting my site.

    • Hi Allan D,
      Yes, there’s an access to the river but it’s not convenient to swim because it is small and the river floor is not sand, but looks like a mud.

  6. tumatawag po ako s number nyo to reserve unfortunately wala pong sumasagot, pwede po bang dito n lng ako magpareserve? May 22, 2016 sunday 20 persons po. 1 cottage pnakamura lng po. thank u po. God bless..

  7. Ask ko lng magkno entrance ng adult at children?magpapareserve na rin for april 13 ng cottage good for 20 persons near the pool kc may mga bata ksma….

    • Hi Lhot hermino,

      Hi mam, sorry po hindi ako ang owner ng resort. But here are the entrance fees when we went there:

      For day tour – P130 – adults, P70 – kids / For overnight stay – P140 – adults, P80 – kids. thanks for visiting my site.

  8. Ask ko how much yung entrance adult and kids?ska papareserve na rin ng cottage near sa pool kc may mga bata ksma good for 20 persons….im from Pajo Alfonso

    • Hi Ma. Teresa Hermino,

      Hindi po ako mam ang owner ng resort. When we went there ang entrance fee for day tour – P130 – adults, P70 – kids

      For overnight stay – P140 – adults, P80 – kids. thanks for visiting my site.

  9. hello po..good day!ask ko lang po sana kung magkano po ung cottage nyo mapa-day and night swimming man po?max for 10persons po..thank u!

  10. Hi, we would like to reserve room for 6 to 8 pax for oct 6 to 7, Aircon, how much po? May pics b ung mga room? May cell number pra matawagan resort? Thanks

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